Death Waltz Prepping LP Reissue for Fabio Frizzi's 'City of the Living Dead' Soundtrack

Death Waltz Prepping LP Reissue for Fabio Frizzi's 'City of the Living Dead' Soundtrack
If not owning a vinyl copy of Italian composer Fabio Frizzi's score to Lucio Fulci's gory 1980 flick City of the Living Dead makes you want to puke your guts out, the good people at Death Waltz Recording Company are here to help you out. The reissue hub have just announced they'll be delivering a wax platter of the horror score later this spring.

While various pressings of the soundtrack have been served up on vinyl and CD over the years, Bloody Disgusting confirms that the Death Waltz-issued LP arrives sometime this April, with a CD version also dropping through Beat Records.

This time around, the soundtrack has been remastered under the supervision of Frizzi and comes equipped with an exclusive 10-minute suite of cues taken from City of the Living Dead, recorded last Halloween at London's Union Chapel church. The track also serves as a teaser to an upcoming live album, also to be issued through Death Waltz/Beat Records.

The CD edition will feature the movie poster as its cover art, while Death Waltz tapped Graham Humphreys to deliver the demonic, priest-hanging artwork that you can see up above. The record also features liner notes from Frizzi, Humphreys and Italian horror cinephile Stephen Thrower.

  City of the Living Dead:

1. Introduzione

2. Fatti Misteriosi

3. Toward Dawn

4. Apoteosi Del Mistereo

5. Occhi Di Brace

6. Verso L'alba

7. IrrealtÖ di suoni

8. Paura Vivente

9. Paura E Liberazione

10. Toward Dawn

11. Suoni Dissonanti

12. Apoteosi Del Mistero

13. Embers Eyes

14. Tenebre Viventi

15. Dissonant Sounds

16. Toward Dawn

17. City Of The Living dead (live suite)