Death Grips Release Epic Records Emails Scolding Band for 'No Love Deep Web' Leak

Death Grips Release Epic Records Emails Scolding Band for 'No Love Deep Web' Leak
Shortly after Death Grips dropped their freebie online mixtape No Love Deep Web, the rap trio noted that their label Epic Records had tried to shut down their website. While everything appears to be okay, insomuch as being able to download the mixtape, the outfit have now leaked a few emails from Epic that castigate the band for offering up the set pro bono.

Via Facebook, Death Grips posted a screen shot of an email sent from Epic Head of Business & Legal Affairs Heath Kudler to the band's manager Peter Katsis. The message, dated October 1, express the major label's disappointment that the 20-song LP was offered up for free and without Epic's knowledge or approval. Kudler noted that the band had "willfully infringed Epic's copyright rights with respect to these masters" and also alleged that Death Grips "made false and disparaging statements" about the record company as they promoted the set.

Kudler continued to ask that the band remove No Love Deep Web from the internet and hand the master tapes of the tracks over to Epic, who planned to put the songs up for sale immediately. As you can see in the player down below, you can still download No Love Deep Web for free.

Furthermore, the record will not count towards the band's recording commitment with the label. "Epic will not be pay [sic] for an album that thousands of people have already downloaded," Kudler wrote.

A second email was posted, which has Katsis explaining Kudler's email should have been sent to the band's lawyer (though if you check the CC, Kudler totally did), but insists the band will in fact hand over the masters. A major label edition of No Love Deep Web has yet to be announced, but we have a feeling if and when it does, it might not feature that jiffy-marker-tagged penis artwork.

Don't forget, Death Grips are currently on tour and will hit up Toronto and Vancouver before the end of the year. You can check the tour dates over here.