Death Grips Post 'No Love Deep Web' for Free Online

Death Grips Post 'No Love Deep Web' for Free Online
Death Grips signed a record deal with Epic earlier this year but it seems that the Sacramento doom-rap outfit are refusing to play along with the label's marketing strategy. In an apparent act of defiance against the company, the band have posted their entire new album No Love Deep Web for free online.

The band tweeted, "The label wouldn't confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB 'till next year sometime."

They added, "The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you" and subsequently uploaded it for all to hear.

You can stream the 13-track collection below or download it from one of the mirrors located here, here or here. The penis-adorned album cover (which makes their sadomasochistic art for The Money Store look tame by comparison) can be seen over here.

It's unclear what this impromptu release will mean for the band's future with Epic, but Insound lists No Love Deep Web as coming out on October 23, although this date doesn't seem consistent with the band's complaint that the label wanted to delay the disc until next year.

UPDATE: Over on Twitter, Death Grips are claiming that their label, Epic, has shut down the band's website following the release of No Love Deep Web. The group tweeted, "our sight just got shut down - BASIC AS FUCK." However, the album is still available below, as well as at several of the download links posted above. But you might want to hurry and download this one.

Scroll past the album stream to listen to another new song, "True Vulture Bare." Pitchfork reports that the song was hacked from the band's website and is part of an animated project with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.