Death Grips Announce 'Bottomless Pit' Album

Death Grips Announce 'Bottomless Pit' Album
Photo: Amy Ray
Now that Death Grips are back after their brief breakup, the doom-rap provocateurs have announced that they have a new album on the way.

Although they haven't shared much in the way of concrete information about the project, they posted a Facebook update today (October 21) revealing that it will be called Bottomless Pit. The wording of the post — "We've decided to make a new Death Grips album" — seems to imply that the project isn't very far along, but beyond that, the timeline is anyone's guess.

To go along with the announcement, Death Grips posted a video of late actress Karen Black reading lines for the camera. They shared the following caption:

Iconic 70's film star Karen Black passed away in August 2013. In February of that year, Karyn Rachtman introduced Ms. Black to Zach Hill. The two immediately hit it off. Zach had written a part for Karen for a film he was developing and gave her the pages for her scenes. Though she didn't know how the scenes would fit into the final film, she readily agreed to read her character's dialog on camera for Zach.

Watch the 14-minute clip below. It's labelled "Bottomless Pit," and that phrase appears in Black's surreal monologue.

Stay tuned for more information about Bottomless Pit. This will be the band's first album since their double LP The Powers That B (and don't forget that mysterious album by the i.l.y.'s that they posted.