Death Grips Share Album from Mysterious Group the i.l.y.'s

Death Grips Share Album from Mysterious Group the i.l.y.'s
Whether it's not showing up to their own gigs or breaking up and continuing to release albums, Death Grips are known for confusing their fans. Now, the doom-rap outfit have made their latest head-scratching move: sharing an album by a mysterious group called the i.l.y.'s.

Today (June 4), a Twitter account associated with Death Grips shared a link for a free download of an album by the i.l.y.'s called I've always been good at true love. They posted the link without an explanation of any kind, so it's not clear exactly who the i.l.y.'s are or what their connection to Death Grips is. The i.l.y.'s have no apparent digital footprint before today.

The album is hosted on Death Grips' website, so some have speculated that the i.l.y.'s are a side-project featuring members of Death Grips, or perhaps the unknown group will be the opening act on Death Grips' upcoming tour.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user pointed out that, in the 2012 video for "I've Seen Footage," frontman MC Ride appeared wearing a T-shirt bearing the phrase "The Sickest Fuck of Them All." That's the title of the opening track on I've always been good at true love. This lends credence to the idea that the i.l.y.'s have a direct personnel connection to Death Grips. And then there's the art-punk sound of I've always been good at true love, which bears a distinct similarly to the noisy chaos of Death Grips.

Stream the album or snag the download down below. We wish we could promise that the confusion surrounding the i.l.y.'s will be cleared up in due course, but knowing Death Grips, that's by no means a guarantee.