Death Grips "I've Seen Footage" (interactive video)

Death Grips 'I've Seen Footage' (interactive video)
It's been a good week for Death Grips fans. First, the experimental rap trio delivered a self-referential freebie cut called "@DEATHGRIPS" as part of Adult Swim's singles series, and now they've revealed an interactive video for The Money Store cut "I've Seen Footage."

The MTV-delivered clip is the second for the song. While the first vid gathered a ton of on- and offstage footage featuring the group, this new clip is presented choose-your-own-adventure style and lets you check out the activities of some pool partygoers from each of their own perspectives.

If you so desire, you can click on a shrieking bikini-clad girl playing volleyball in the water, an artist sketching out band logos from a deck chair, or a dude who rides his BMX around the party grounds, amongst others.

You can make any number of big decisions when you explore the video over here.