Death Grips "Hustle Bones" (video)

Death Grips 'Hustle Bones' (video)
Death Grips recently cancelled their tour and alienated many of their fans in the process, so hopefully some of the doom rap outfit's followers will be appeased by this new music video for "Hustle Bones," culled from their recent The Money Store, out now via Epic Records.

The video employs a camera inside of a dryer as the band puts weed, bottles of pills, alcohol and money on a spin cycle. This plays out in a series of disorienting quick cuts which are spliced with shots of MC Ride rapping to the camera, making for a fairly accurate visual representation of the group's aggressive sound.

One top-rated YouTube commenter, however, was not impressed, writing, "cancelled´╗┐ the tour to put a camera in a dryer? fuck you!" Whoops.