Death Grips "@DEATHGRIPZ"

Death Grips '@DEATHGRIPZ'
Adult Swim has been offering free tunes all summer long via an online singles series and has just concluded their giveaway with an unreleased jam from out-there rap outfit Death Grips. While much of the group's material has had spitter Stefan Burnett raging out, he takes a more relaxed approach on the self-referential "@DEATHGRIPZ."

The track does feature a few shouts from the frontman, but mostly finds him eerily calm as he grimly waxes about someone being "lost in exhaust, with the windows closed." Despite the skittered snap beat, chopped-up vocal samples and spacey electronics, the song runs relatively smooth, too.

You can stream "@DEATHGRIPZ" below or download it over here.

Also, if you have a comment or two to tweet to the band, we have a pretty good idea as to what their Twitter handle is.