Death Cab for Cutie Reveal Codes and Keys Artwork, Tracklisting

Death Cab for Cutie Reveal <i>Codes and Keys</i> Artwork, Tracklisting
The build-up to alt-poppers' Death Cab for Cutie's next album is almost complete. Over the past several months, we found out that the set would be less guitar-focused, and recently we found out the album is to be titled Codes and Keys and that it will come out May 31. A couple of more pieces to the puzzle have just been released in the form of the album artwork and a full tracklisting.

The cover art is a little on the nose, displaying a chrome number sign from a pay phone, but it'll do. As for the tracklisting, most song titles rock the melancholy vibe that we've come to both expect and love from these Pacific Northwest mopesters. "Underneath the Sycamore" and "Home Is a Fire" are two particularly sad-sack-sounding titles, but it's "Monday Morning" that really hits home. Death Cab and Garfield -- always suffering a bad case of the Mondays. Check out the rest of the titles below.

Codes and Keys:

1. "Home Is a Fire"

2. "Codes and Keys"

3. "Some Boys"

4. "Doors Unlocked and Open"

5. "You Are a Tourist"

6. "Unobstructed Views"

7. "Monday Morning"

8. "Portable Television"

9. "Underneath the Sycamore"

10. "St "Peter's Cathedral"

11. "Stay Young, Go Dancing"