Death Cab for Cutie Call New Album "the Project This Year"

Death Cab for Cutie Call New Album '<i>the</i> Project This Year'
In 2009, it was an extraordinarily hectic year for the Pacific Northwest's most pensive rock stars Death Cab for Cutie. When they weren't busy soundtracking Twilight and producing Tegan and Sara, members of the band were hating on Jared Leto and marrying our favourite quirky actress. So it's been understandable that they've taken so long to release a new album. Fortunately, the band have practically promised a new album in 2010.

Speaking with MTV News, guitarist Chris Walla and drummer Jason McGerr said a new Death Cab album is their top priority. "We've definitely cleared space [in our schedule]. It's the project this year for us," McGerr said. "But we don't know where we're going yet."

Walla clarifies that statement, explaining that the band still have to decide what to do with the loose song structures they've developed. "We're really just starting to crack it open, like kind of getting into the demos for the first time, bouncing some ideas back and forth," he says. "So we haven't dived in and hit the 'record' button yet. We're trying to figure out when to dive in and hit the 'record' button. That's sort of where we're at."

Death Cab For Cutie's last album was 2008's Narrow Stairs.