Death Cab For Cutie Scène de la Montagne, Montreal QC, July 30

Death Cab For Cutie Scène de la Montagne, Montreal QC, July 30
Photo: Rick Clifford
Dressed in a black-on-black uniform of skinny jeans and dress shirts, Death Cab for Cutie took to the Mountain stage just as the sun was setting; cloud wisps, pink in hue, coloured the sky over Parc Jean Drapeau.
Diving headfirst into a tight, career-spanning set, Death Cab began first with "No Room in Frame" off their latest release Kintsugi. What followed was a vortex of nostalgic hits, from "Crooked Teeth" to "Grapevine Fires" and "President of What?" off their 1998 debut Something About Airplanes. High energy from start to finish, lead singer Ben Gibbard and company bound about the stage with abandon, putting the other, younger bands to shame; their performance oozed a sense of charm 15 years in the making.
And while Kintsungi was expected to dominate their set, Death Cab seemed to have their fingers on the pulse of the 100,000-plus person audience instead; every favourite covered, every couple in the audience sent slow-dancing, teary-eyed. From "The New Year," to "I Will Possess Your Heart" to "Soul Meets Body," the band brought their all.
Their dramatic performance came to a climactic close as the beginning of the fireworks from nearby LaRonde burst over the tree line as the closing lines "come on, come on" from "Transatlanticism" got the enormous crowd chanting along.