Death Cab for Cutie "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive" (video)

Death Cab for Cutie 'The Ghosts of Beverly Drive' (video)
Times seem to be growing increasingly tougher for the music industry. Take, for instance, pop-rock institution Death Cab for Cutie, who apparently are forced to moonlight as Hollywood tour guides when not touring the world. At least, that's how it appears in the new video to the band's Kintsugi single, "The Ghosts of Beverly Drive."

Director Robert Hales' video plays both humorous and wistful, mixing the sight of Death Cab taking a group of shutterbugs around California hot spots with tender and confusing asides.

Microphone in hand, Ben Gibbard is seen leading the audio component of the tour. That said he's not exactly pointing out who lives where, instead offering drifted commentary such as "if you let me be your skyline I'll let you be the wave that reduces me to rubble."

"I don't know what I expect to find," he reports to the crowd as they wind through various Hollywood street scenes. It's, uh, not the most ringing endorsement for Little Wanderer Star Tours.

You can experience Death Cab's driving tour for yourself down below.