Dear Jane, I… Don't Know How to Begin

A visually striking band, Dear Jane, I… have not let their music suffer at the hands of their strong image. On Don’t Know How to Begin, the band show an even understanding of power pop, emo, and hardcore, letting all their influences meld into one as they shift seamlessly from gentle spoken word over jazzy guitar interplay to shouted cries over pounding drums and powerfully driving bass. Though the production on this EP seems to sell the band short at times with its somewhat flat sound, there is no hiding the intense emotion conveyed through the songs performed by this Toronto-based five-piece. Tracks like the tumultuous "Won’t Say ‘Forever’ Again” showcase the band at their best, allowing the versatile vocals of Jeremy Dove to take centre stage. Able to harness a deep, decidedly non-emo scream along with an equally touching melodic ability helps keep Dear Jane, I… separate from the rest of the emo flock. (Independent)