Dead Rider Sign to Drag City for 'Chills on Glass'

Dead Rider Sign to Drag City for 'Chills on Glass'
Following a couple LP releases through Tizona, Chicago experimental unit Dead Rider are moving to the iconic Drag City imprint to deliver their third album, Chills on Glass.

The record, which arrives March 18, brings guitarist/vocalist Todd Rittman back to the Drag City stable, having previously issued LPs on the label with fabled post-rock trailblazers U.S. Maple. As for Dead Rider, the group's self-produced follow-up to 2011's The Raw Dents has the act "reconfiguring sonic relationships," according to a press release.

Elements of improvisation are said to pepper the set, which finds the quartet using trombones, trumpets, guitars, bass, drums and more to offer up 10 new tracks that play out "metallically, hip-hoptically, free and jazzy, operatic [and] electronic."

Ahead of the LP's release, you can sample an unspecified, art-damaged dub track via a snow-stricken trailer featuring Rittman petting a heterochromia-affected ivory furball. You can give the preview a peep beneath the tracklisting.

Chills on Glass:

1. New Eyes
2. Blank Screen
3. Weaves
4. Weird Summer
5. Sex Grip Enemy
6. The Unnatural
7. Four Cocks
8. Of One Thousand
9. Cry Honey
10. Fumes And Nothing Else