Dead Meadow Detail Three Kings Multimedia Project, Play Vancouver on West Coast Tour

Dead Meadow Detail <i>Three Kings</i> Multimedia Project, Play Vancouver on West Coast Tour
Los Angeles-based psych rock trio Dead Meadow have revealed the details for their ambitious new audio-video project The Three Kings. The project is a multimedia endeavour in the truest sense, combining old and new songs with fantasy movie theatrics, live video and some heavy themes, in what the press release describes as "an updating of classic rock films for the viral generation."

Essentially, The Three Kings ties the band's old material together with five new songs to create a concept album and film that stars the three members of Dead Meadow as the three kings. "They are sort of a play on characters we allude to a bit in our last record [2008's Old Growth], but elaborated on with the biblical Bedouins concept of wandering holy mystics and function as a vehicle to bring all these ideas we have had for years into your living room," says bassist Steven Kille in a statement.

"The kings look into our mortal world where each of the three human characters we play are tempted by the dark side of things and each react differently. Not sure if it is a moral tale, but I suppose a viewer can look at it like that."

The press release goes on to say that the band used locations that included the Tatooine set in the original Star Wars and a house in Palm Springs that was used in the James Bond classic Diamonds Are Forever.

Earlier this month, we posted the track "That Old Temple", along with it's video, in our Click Hear section. The video can now be streamed below.

The Three Kings will be released by Xemu Records on March 23. It will be followed by some West coast shows with like-minded indie rock druid Imaad Wasif. The acts will make one Canadian stop in Vancouver.

The Three Kings:

1. "The Kingdom Come"
2. "Between Me and The Ground"
3. "Good Moanin'"
4. "At Her Open Door"
5. "The Whirlings"
6. "To The One"
7. "That Old Temple"
8. "The Narrows"
9. "Push Em To The Crux"
10. "Seven Seers"
11. "Greensky Greenlake"
12. "Beyond The Fields We know"
13. "Everything's Going On"
14. "Lady"
15. "Darlin'"
16. "Queen of All Returns"

Dead Meadow with Imaad Wasif:

3/27 San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
3/31 Eugene, OR - Wow Hall
4/1 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
4/2 Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret

Dead Meadow "That Old Temple" from Artificial Army on Vimeo.