Dead Can't Bounce I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

"I’m a rapper from Regina and nobody seems to care,” proclaims Dead Can’t Bounce with "Bullshit.” After I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost, a few more will start to care. Dead Can’t Bounce have the seal of approval from Frek Sho, who inducted rapper Ira Lee and DJ Kutdown into their own group. The third member of DCB is Def3, who gives I Ain’t Afraid a fun edge with self-deprecating raps like "I heard your album, I rated it / Ira’s dope but that Def kid, I hated him” from "S’howeedoo’.” Ira does about half the production, and it results in some of the most interesting music on the album, including the harder "S’howeedoo’” and "Beat to Def,” as well as the touching "All I Wish w. Desire.” Dead Can’t Bounce had no need to look elsewhere for production, but a few others do get in there. Kutdown drops three varied beats, but the best success is "Story Tales,” which brings back memories of the Sebutones’ "Peach (rmx).” Both tracks by Merky Waters ("Bullshit” and "Club Life”) are up-tempo and a welcome addition. Soso provides the album’s most melancholy beat for a very creepy "White Knuckle Crush,” while Nohow fluctuates between cheesy and boring for "Do Right.” Ira Lee and Def3 are emotional and humorous, able to discuss personal issues or talk hip-hop shop. Regina’s ready to give ‘er. (Goodbye)