Dead 60s The Dead 60s

The Dead 60s are another band to rise out of Liverpool, England on the consistently sharp Deltasonic label. And yet, they sound nothing like their label-mates the Coral and the Zutons. There’s no denying the band integrate many different influences into their music like their peers, and that singer/guitarist Matt McManamon has the standard Liverpudlian drawl in his passionate delivery, but the Dead 60s have chosen one multi-faceted act as their muse: the Clash. Tapping into the only band that mattered’s fondness for angular rock riffs, reggae and dub and political sloganeering, the Dead 60s have done a fine job of creating a thoroughly engaging debut album that isn’t afraid to take a few chances. With pulsating rhythm sections, "Riot Radio” and "Loaded Gun” come off more as a hot example of the current post-punk obsession. However, it’s this all-encompassing fervour that makes the band stand out. "You’re Not the Law” is a reverb-drenched, politically charged slice of agit-pop travelling to a dub beat, while "Nowhere” keeps the reverb alive for a catchy tune in the vein of the Specials’ classic "Ghost Town.” Forget about checking their credentials for dabbling with such sacred inspiration, these Scousers have enough talent and determination to pull of whatever they want. (Deltasonic)