De Novo Dahl Shout

Nashville band De Novo Dahl just want to have fun. Their pop songs are catchy and infectious, and it’s tough to listen to them without your feet subconsciously tapping along, which is readily apparent on their new EP, Shout. With a couple of new songs, plus one left over from their last album and some remixes, Shout is a nice introduction to the band. They’ve been more than happy to tamper and mess with their songs —one disc of their double CD debut was comprised of remixes — and there’s a sense of fun and experimentation with most of the songs here: the remix of the title track has been renamed "Crap Your Pants Say Shout,” hinting at their sense of humour. They are obviously not trying to change the world with their music, and at a time when Los Campesinos! are one of the flavours of the month, there’s a real good chance that their forthcoming album could be where everything falls into place. (Roadrunner)