David Morin "Life Goes On" (video)

David Morin 'Life Goes On' (video)
Vancouver songwriter David Morin has honed his chops as a street performer, but now he's making the leap to full-blown recording artist with his debut full-length. Before Every Colour arrives this summer, Morin has unveiled a video for the single "Life Goes On."

This song channels Morin's fusion of soul, hip-hop and jazz, and the clip captures the sense of vibrancy by showing the songwriter taking a nighttime stroll through the bustling city streets and dancing with some of the passers by. Meanwhile, a young man takes a bike ride and enjoys a summery day in nature.

The clip was directed by Mathieu Favreau. Watch it below.

Every Colour doesn't yet have a firm release date, but it's due out this summer through Bombay Records.