David Lynch Slams Music Industry in Wake of Dark Night of the Soul Fiasco

David Lynch Slams Music Industry in Wake of <i>Dark Night of the Soul</i> Fiasco
Following the extremely frustrating legal problems that surrounded and mostly shut down Danger Mouse's collaborative Dark Night of the Soul record, renowned director David Lynch has put in his two cents. Lynch, who was directly involved with the project, told the Guardian that the record label's restrictive mentality was, unfortunately, indicative of the way major labels operate.

"Sometimes the house burns down and you build a new one," Lynch said. "Because the world is so, so completely backwards and absurd, people think it's strange or an exception to have freedom to create something... It's ridiculous. The exception should be that sometimes people do not have freedom. What went wrong?"

Danger Mouse also added: "The whole idea was to bring little bit more imagination back into music. I've missed a lot of that and when I was younger it seemed easier to do than it is now." Fortunately, a book with Lynch's photographic contributions to the project has been published, and can be purchased here.