David Lynch Releases Solo Singles

David Lynch Releases Solo Singles
Filmmaker David Lynch has long been a favourite among musicians, as his beloved Twin Peaks series has provided inspiration for bands like You Say Party and Surfer Blood. For his latest contribution to the music world, Lynch has released a pair of solo singles, which received a digital release on Sunday (November 28) via Sunday Best.

The songs are called "Good Day Today" and "I Know," and feature Lynch's own vocals atop a bed of disco beats and dreamscape synths. As for his electronic-oriented sound, Lynch told the Guardian, "I love electricity so it sort of stands to reason that I would like electronics."

The 64-year-old Lynch has previously ventured into music with his contribution to Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse's Dark Night of the Soul project. He also composes at home, and said, "I've always loved sounds and so I built a studio where I can experiment with sound, and gradually I started experimenting with music."

To hear "Good Day Today," head over to Soundcloud. Go here for "I Know."

The songs will be released in physical forms on January 31. If you go to the Vinyl Factory, you can pre-order a deluxe set that includes a slew of remixes on double vinyl, along with a CD, plus artwork singed by designer Vaughan Oliver. There's no word on who the remixers are, but the item description says, there are "exclusive remixes by some of the finest electronic music producers of the past 20 years."

Lynch hopes this project will spawn a full-length release of original music. He told the Los Angeles Times, "We're working on a lot of things, and we hope to have an album soon... We were calling it kind of a modern blues -- music based on the blues."