David Lynch Recruits Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Skream for Remix EP

David Lynch Recruits Underworld, Basement Jaxx, Skream for Remix EP
We recently heard David Lynch's foray into electro-pop, as the 64-year-old director released a pair of solo singles: "Good Day Today" and "I Know." At the time, we reported that the songs would be released a double-vinyl EP with a number of remixes, although the contributors were then unknown. Now, all the remixers have been revealed and the EP is streaming online.

There are a total of ten tracks -- the two singles, along with four remixes of each. It's an impressive collection, as the artists who offer up their own versions of Lynch's songs include Underworld, Boys Noize, Skream, Sasha, and Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx.

If you scroll down, you can check out the tracklist. Lynch's label, Sunday Best, is offering up the full set here as a free stream on SoundCloud. The EP was actually posted privately a month ago, but it wasn't until Basement Jaxx posted the link that the stream was heard. However, as of press time, the link appears to be down once again.

The EP is due out on vinyl and CD on January 31. Pre-order information is here.

Good Day Today/I Know:

1. "Good Day Today"
2. "Good Day Today (Underworld Remix)"
3. "Good Day Today (Boys Noize Remix)"
4. "Good Day Today (Diskjokke Remix)"
5. "Good Day Today (Sunday Best Slow Motion Waltz)"
6. "I Know"
7. "I Know (Sasha Edit)"
8. "I Know (Skream's Not So Ravey Remix)"
9. "I Know (Ratcliffe Hedz in Dark Mix)"
10. "I Know (Jon Hopkins Remix)"