David Ivan Neil Asks 'What Is Love?' on Debut LP, Premieres New Music Video

David Ivan Neil Asks 'What Is Love?' on Debut LP, Premieres New Music Video
Last year, Abbotsford songwriter David Ivan Neil emerged with his debut EP Fake Tinder. It turns out there were plenty more songs where that came from, as he's about to drop his debut LP.

The 10-song release is called What Is Love? and it's being preceded with a music video for album track "Baby Don't," which Exclaim! is happy to premiere. The video was directed by Casey Kowalchuk and features fellow Abbotsford performer Kristin Witko, who also guests on the track.

Here's what David Ivan Neil had to say about "Baby Don't" and its accompanying video:

With a chorus directly stolen, minus the 'no more' part (so they can't sue) from "What is Love?'," Haddaway's 1993 club song (and the centre-piece to the classic 1998 comedy A Night at the Roxbury) "Baby Don't" is a song about a couple at the bottom hoping love can still work among the broken people. Fellow Abbotsfordian Kristin Witko is the Will Ferrell to my Chris Kattan. "I am a Driver/I drove them out." Classic Ferrell! The video has nothing to do with the song (or A Night at the Roxbury sadly) It is really just about my dislike for the band Oasis and my massive like of beer and bad horror movies. Filmed by Casey Kowalchuk, we gathered a bunch of friends one very cold and spooky night and chopped them up for our (and your) amusement! And completely consequence free!

Watch the video for "Baby Don't" below, and look for What Is Love? to arrive in June via Kingfisher Bluez

What Is Love?:

1. Maybe The Wind 
2. Baby Don't (ft. Kristin Witko)
3. I Feel It All
4. Walmart Parking Lot
5. The Great Explorerer
6. Never Figured
7. Fake Tinder
8. Come To Bed
9. The Day We Met
10. Free