David Fincher's Music Video HBO Series Put on Hold

David Fincher's Music Video HBO Series Put on Hold
As previously reported, David Fincher has been hard at work on a new HBO series about the 1980s music video industry. Ask anyone in TV, however, and you'll learn that music videos just don't make money like they used to. Perhaps that's why HBO has opted to shelve the series.

Deadline explains that the show was currently in the middle of production on its fourth or fifth episode, when HBO told them to stop. Some cast members were told the show is completely finished, while others were told it was just taking a break.

The production of the show has all the signs of an unhappy network. For example, it's gone through three different titles. Originally known as Living on Video, the title was changed to Video Synchronicity before landing on its current title, the groan-worthy Videosynchrazy.

The show had a 10-episode order from HBO. It's set in Los Angeles in 1983 and stars Charlie Rowe, Sam Page, Jason Flemyng, Corbin Bernsen, Kerry Condon and Elizabeth Lail.

Stay tuned for more information on Videosynchrazy as it becomes available. At the very least, we hope the network changes its title again.