David Daniell & Douglas McCombs Sycamore

Musical masterminds in their own right, these Chicago guitarists merge together to create an alluring blast of psychedelic textures and floating, improvised noise. A stalwart in the underground, David Daniell is renowned for his patience as a player, slowly building sounds up while simultaneously reconfiguring and processing them through computers. McCombs is best known for his work in Tortoise, where he's crafted gorgeous bass and guitar lines emulated the world over. The four pieces on Sycamore, the duo's debut recording, have been distilled from almost eight hours' worth of material but the surgery is transparent. In fact, the interplay between Daniell and McCombs progresses organically. From the wash of noise in "F# Song," which beeps and bleets forward amidst a desert of distortion, to the cacophonous, rhythmically-charged release of "Bursera" and the frontier flirtation of "Vejer de la Frontera," there are majestic markings across Sycamore. (Thrill Jockey)