David Byrne Trashes Paris Hilton in New Bike Book

David Byrne Trashes Paris Hilton in New Bike Book
Peculiar Talking Heads front-man and mixed media artist David Byrne has always been known for his avid bicycle fixation. When recently asked to judge a New York bike rack competition, Byrne instead decided to submit his own designs, which are now peppered across the city. (Images of the bike racks can be seen here).

The racks drew a lot of attention to Byrne's hobby, spurring him to write Bicycle Diaries. The book is a memoir of his various two-wheeled exploits, and is due out September 17.

Jugo Magazine [via TwentyFourBit] points to a juicy story from the book where Byrne nearly ran down trashy celeb Paris Hilton on the streets of New York.

"[She was] holding her little doggy, crossing the street against the light and looking around as if to say, 'I'm Paris Hilton, don't you recognise me?'" he writes. "[New Yorkers] have enough brains not to walk in front of a truck, but they'll step right into the path of a cyclist, thereby initiating a game of urban chicken."

No word if Hilton or her dog again come up in the book but we're keeping our fingers crossed.