David Byrne and Fatboy Slim's 'Here Lies Love' Gets Remix Album

David Byrne and Fatboy Slim's 'Here Lies Love' Gets Remix Album
When David Byrne and Fatboy Slim gave Here Lies Love — their concept album about former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos — a theatrical staging, they said that it was "set within a dance club atmosphere." Now, they are preparing to taking Here Lies Love to the dancefloor once again, this time via a remix album.

Simply titled The Remix Collection from Here Lies Love, the tracks were put together by Matt Stine and Justin Levine, who both worked on the project's theatrical adaptation.

In a statement, Byrne wrote that Stine and Levine "deconstructed the recorded music and scrambled it all kinds of ways to make an immersive audio world that merges seamlessly with the music of the show. Sometimes vocals from one song appear over the music of a completely different song, sometimes the orchestra from one song plays over the groove of another. There's humor and exuberance, and to my ears it all works perfectly."

All proceeds from the remix album go to Philippine charity Gawad Kalinga. It's available to pre-order here, where you can also hear a few samples, ahead of its September 30 release date.

The Remix Collection from Here Lies Love:

1. The World Isn't Perfect (Ladies In Blue Remix)
2. It's So Hot Today (How Are You Remix)
3. Here Lies Love (Club Millennium Mix)
4. Watching History (When She Passed By Remix)
5. Disco with George (Dancing Together Remix)
6. Puffy White Clouds (Sugartime Baby Remix)
7. Please Do (Please Don't Remix)
8. OOOOOOOH! (Child of the Philippines Remix)
9. Fabulous Yellow Pills (Walk Like a Woman Remix)
10. Good, Good, Good (The Whole Man Remix)
11. Oh, Imelda (Poor Me Remix)
12. Sing for Them (Here Lies Love/Every Drop of Rain Remix)
13. Solano Avenue Shakedown (Solano Avenue Remix)
14. Precious Little Children (You'll Be Taken Care Of Remix)