David Bowie's "Space Oddity" Turned into Children's Book

David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' Turned into Children's Book
Many of David Bowie's lyrics have sunk into our psyches over the years, filling our minds with images of diamond dogs and heroes. The story he set up in his 1969 single "Space Oddity" is an especially memorable one, however, which might explain why it's popped up as an illustrated children's book.

Artist Andrew Kolb, who has designed T-shirts for Tokyo Police Club, was so inspired by the equally wondrous and terrifying tale of space exploration that he whipped up an entire book celebrating it.

"Have you ever listened to a song and your mind's eye is immediately filled with visuals?" Kolb posted on his website. "David Bowie's classic space epic is one such song for me. Every lyric paints such a vivid picture that I figured 'Oh hey, I guess I'll make that into a children's book!' Yes, I talk like this."

Cutesy characters reenact the voyage of Major Tom, with the protagonist gleefully leaving his craft to marvel at the stars, which you may remember looked very different that day. Despite the adorable drawings, things still get a little blue once you realize his circuit's dead and he's lost in space forever.

Kolb designed the book for "his own jollies" and is offering it up for free as a downloadable pdf here, and you can see some pages here. A physical copy doesn't exist, but he'd definitely be interested in getting this on your shelf.

"If you like the book, spread the word and we'll make this happen!" he said.

Thanks to NY Mag for the tip.