David Bowie "Sound and Vision" Remix for Sony Smartphone Gets Issued as Digital Single

David Bowie 'Sound and Vision' Remix for Sony Smartphone Gets Issued as Digital Single
While David Bowie is still moving forward by promoting his recent The Next Day LP, he'll soon be issuing a revamped version of classic Low track "Sound and Vision" as a digital single.

A 58-second remix, which was prepped by Sonjay Prabhakar, had appeared earlier this year in a commercial advertising Sony's Xperia Z smartphone, and now Bowie's Facebook page confirms that a long version will go up for sale October 7 via Parlophone Records. Also included will be the original track.

A press release notes that the minimalist redo has Prabhakar stripping away some of the funkier elements of the song to focus on Bowie's vocals, Mary Hopkins's back-up vocals, and Roy Young's "plaintive piano." You can check out the truncated version in the phone-promoting advertisement down below.

"Sound and Vision" was the first single off of Low, the first chapter of Bowie's celebrated late '70s "Berlin Trilogy," and made it to No. 3 on the UK singles chart. You can likewise sample the original song in a player down below.