David Bowie Breaks Adele's YouTube Streaming Record

David Bowie Breaks Adele's YouTube Streaming Record
Adele had a monumental year in 2015, withholding 25 from streaming services and smashing the previously held record for the most copies of an album sold in a single week. She also set a new peak for the most-streamed artist on YouTube in a single day when her "Hello" video was released, but that title has now been taken by David Bowie.
On October 23, Adele's YouTube catalogue racked up 36 million views. On January 11, following the news of Bowie's death, the glam-rock icon usurped Adele's numbers with a staggering 51 million views.
As Billboard reports, "Lazarus" was the most viewed video with 11.1 million plays.
The statistic takes into account the artist's full roster of videos. Bowie's boasts more than 60 career-spanning clips.
Bowie's just-released Blackstar is also expected to dethrone Adele's 25 on album charts this coming week. The artist's swan song is currently on track to sell approximately 130,000 copies in its first week, which should send it into the top spot. 25 has been sitting at No. 1 since its release on November 20.

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