​Dave Grohl Unleashes 'PLAY' Documentary Featuring Epic 23-Minute, 7-Instrument Song

​Dave Grohl Unleashes 'PLAY' Documentary Featuring Epic 23-Minute, 7-Instrument Song
Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently revealed that he would be capturing himself playing a 23-minute song on seven instruments for a documentary called PLAY, and the impressive feat is finally here.
The two-part project opens with a behind-the-scenes explanation of the monstrous musical task, followed by the second part — the 23-minute performance.
"The entire song was played by Grohl, each time on a different instrument, live for 23 minutes," a press release previously explained. "Beginning with the recording of the entire drum track purely from memory, with no sheet music or guide tracks, followed by guitar, then bass, then keyboards, and so on… Grohl tasked himself with a one-man-band recording session that was forced to start from the very beginning of the 23-minute song any time the slightest mistake was made or if Grohl felt he could do a better take."
Without further ado, watch Grohl complete the impressive challenge by watching PLAY below, where you will also find the audio-only version of the song. You can also get the full PLAY experience via the project's website over here.

While you can check out PLAY below, the instrumental track will be available on a limited-edition vinyl on September 28.