Dave Grohl Returns to 'The Muppets' to Challenge Animal in Drum-Off

Dave Grohl Returns to 'The Muppets' to Challenge Animal in Drum-Off
Everybody's favourite shaggy-haired rock'n'roll animal, Dave Grohl, is about to go toe-to-toe with Muppets skinsman Animal. The Foo Fighters leader is hopping back behind the kit to face off with the felt-covered Electric Mayhem drummer in a forthcoming episode of The Muppets.

Variety reports that Grohl will be appearing on the December 1 episode of the reboot, titled "Going, Going, Gonzo." A synopsis explains that Grohl will challenge percussionist Animal to a drum duel during the program.

The episode will also find Gonzo preparing his "dream stunt" and include a cameo from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will apparently be involved in a poker game with Scooter and Pepe, as well as a duet with Missy Piggy on The Muppets show-within-a-show Up Late with Miss Piggy.

This isn't the first time Grohl has sat behind the kit for a Muppets project. Back in 2011, he appeared in the feature-length The Muppets movie as a drummer in "The Moopets," a rather physically intimidating, cut-rate cover band led by a down-and-out Fozzie Bear.

As previously reported, the current Muppets program has stirred up a bit of controversy for its slightly adult approach to the classic Jim Henson property. It was reported that, due to a handful of reasons, it will be getting a mid-season reboot that will see co-creator, showrunner and executive producer Bob Kushell exiting the show.

UPDATE (12/01, 12:30 p.m.): Video of the drum-off has now surfaced online before tonight's airing. You can watch Grohl and Animal have at it below.