Dave Grohl Returns to Foo Fighters for Their "Heaviest Album Yet"

Dave Grohl Returns to Foo Fighters for Their 'Heaviest Album Yet'
Following the huge success of his collaboration with John Paul Jones and Josh Homme as Them Crooked Vultures, singer-songwriter/drummer/Shelley Duvall lookalike Dave Grohl has confirmed that he's back in the studio, but this time it's with his day job the Foo Fighters.

According to BBC 6 Music, Grohl is currently demoing songs for the as-yet-unnamed album, which is set to be produced by studio veteran and Nevermind producer Butch Vig.

"Foo Fighters have just started writing and we're going to start recording in September, so life is full of music," said Grohl.

The album, unlike the Foos' previous two, will be recorded in Grohl's home studio, rather than at California's Studio 606.

And what about bothering his neighbours? "We're doing a test on Monday," Grohl told Rolling Stone, adding: "I think this could be our heaviest album yet."

Earlier this year, Grohl also confirmed that he's in the midst of recording a new Them Crooked Vultures album. "It's not something I would ever wanna stop doing that's for sure," Grohl stated about the band. "After we started recording it was apparent... we knew this is a band, this isn't really a project."

No word on release dates yet for either release.