Dave Grohl Gets His Own HBO Show

Dave Grohl Gets His Own HBO Show
In news that might provoke snarky memes from Mastodon's Brent Hinds, affable arena filler Dave Grohl will soon be getting his own TV show on HBO.

The Foo Fighters leader is apparently producing and hosting the program, which is expected to air this coming winter, Grohl biographer and friend Paul Brannigan revealed on Classic Rock Magazine. It expands on the concept of last year's Sound City documentary, but rather than focusing on one studio, it will take Grohl to various recording facilities around the U.S. to explore their histories.

Classic Rock Magazine notes that Grohl has already visited Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC, and Steve Albini's Electrical Studio in Chicago. He's apparently interviewed Heart's Nancy Wilson, the Eagles' Joe Walsh, Fugazi's Ian MacKaye, and KISS's Paul Stanley.

This isn't the only studio-hopping endeavour that Grohl's name has been attached to in recent months, since rumours have suggested that the Foo Fighters are recording their next album in a string of different studios. Butch Vig (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth) has said that he's producing the album, while aforementioned Eagles axeman Walsh told the Hollywood Reporter that he played on a song.

It seems likely that the Foos are doing a session in each studio featured in the show, but this is only speculation. In any case, Vig has said that recording will be wrapped by this summer in advance of a fall release, so we're bound to learn more soon.