Dave Clarke Readies New Fabric Mix

Dave Clarke Readies New Fabric Mix
Anarchic, genre-mixing DJ Dave Clarke has developed such a reputation for his wild sets that the late John Peel once referred to him as "the Baron of Techno." After breaking through in the mid-'90s, Clarke is best known for his wild mixes that combine techno, IDM, house, industrial and punk. Now, the renowned DJ will return with a mix for Fabric.

Fabric 60 is no different from Clarke's usual diversity, as he explains in a press release, "It is a sonic journey man... don't you hate that! I wanted to have a gothic and bass heavy start that represented the sonic characteristics that Room 2 is capable of handling. I also wanted it to have some real electro, as Fabric is one place that can truly appreciate that. It's all pretty dark though and I think it represents the edgier side of club music that you only get to hear in clubs that care."

While many Fabric mixes have offered a combination of proven tracks and new material, Clarke's contribution includes all-new music from up-and-comers like Raudive, Crotaphytus, Tommy Four Seven, Clatterbox and many others.

Dave Clarke's Fabric mix will drop on November 29. The tracklisting is available below while the album can be pre-ordered here.

Fabric 60:

1. Raudive "Shiver"

2. Crotaphytus "Cnemidophorus Sexlineatus" (The Mr. Pauli Monster
Bass Guitar Remix)

3. Tommy Four Seven "Armed 3"

4. Marc Romboy vs. Paris The Black Fu "Dark N Lovely" (Kenny Larkin Remix)

5. Ray 7 & Malik Alston "I.D.F.D.F.I."

6. Cristiano Balducci "Pride"

7. Cute Heels "Silence Complot"

8. Stephane Signore "Sacrifice" (Radical G 2k11 Edit)

9. Gesaffelstein "Aufstand"

10. Scape One "Time Falls" (Dynarec Remix)

11. Exzakt "Clarity" (Lethal Agent Remix)

12. Sync 24 "We Rock Non-Stop" (Heuristic Audio Remix)

13. Heliopause "Destination Planet Earth"

14. Dez Williams "Foreign Object"

15. Clatterbox "Coolicon"

16. w1b0 "Alternate Sequence"

17. Baz Reznik "The Attic"