Darlings Of Chelsea The Mimico Sessions

The most captivating people are those who can tear you down, build you up, brush you off and make you feel special all at once. They're sort of brash but still sweet, loveable bastards. The Mimico Sessions is that sort of introduction to such an enigmatic act. Throughout the course of six tunes, the quintet prove themselves to be subtle lovers, raw rock'n'rollers, sugary pop rock fiends and sordid, guttural demons bent on dismantling the Rolling Stones and Hellacopters, forging them into something sick and twisted yet beautifully entrancing. Prodding with its pelvic drive and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, The Mimico Sessions is a stunning debut from guys you imagine smiling wryly from being kissed and slapped by worshipping women at the same time. (Independent)