The Darcys "100 Mile House" (Andy's iLL remix)

The Darcys '100 Mile House' (Andy's iLL remix)
The Darcys' post-rock-tinged music is hard to classify, but here's one thing we can say for certain about the Toronto band's sound: it definitely isn't EDM. That's where London, ON-based producer Andy's iLL comes in. He reworked the Dacys' "100 Mile House" into an electro banger that we definitely didn't see coming.

The remix begins with two minutes of atmospheric synths and thudding beats, but it's not until the two-minute-mark that the bass drops and all hell breaks loose. Then it's back to hazy ambience before -- you guessed it -- things get crazy again in the final 90 seconds.

The original version of this song appears on the Darcys' self-titled album, released last year through Arts & Crafts.