Daphni & Owen Pallett "Julia" / "Tiberius"

Daphni & Owen Pallett 'Julia' / 'Tiberius'
It's been a few years since Dan Snaith released an album as Caribou, but he's been staying active with his dance alias Daphni. His latest release under this name is a collaborative single with celebrated violinist Owen Pallett.

The two teamed up for the songs "Julia" and "Tiberius," both of which pair thumping electronic beats with raw-sounding violin sawing.

Snaith wrote on Twitter than the single would be out digitally and on vinyl "in a week or so" through his Jiaolong label. He further recommended that users use decent audio equipment to listen, since he added, "Speakers that can reproduce bass frequencies recommended for listening to this lest you think there's silence in the middle of the track."