Danzig Returns with First Studio Album in Six Years

Danzig Returns with First Studio Album in Six Years
Not too long ago, we reported how blues metal guru Glenn Danzig had finally announced that a follow-up to 2004 full-length Circle of Snakes was in the making. Now, some more light has finally been shed on the saga.

Deth Red Sabaoth - yes, that's the title - finds the Evil Elvis not only breaking a six-year silence but also stepping away from his Evilive Records. At least for now.

In a recent press release, the End Records revealed that the imprint will be working the album on his behalf. Founded in 1998, the independent label has been responsible for bringing a number of extreme music bands into vogue. Few, however, have had the clout of Danzig. Then again, Circle of Snakes didn't have that much clout either, did it?

Anyway, as for the 11-track album, it's slated for release on June 22.

"I think that fans will really dig this new album," says Danzig. "I've been told several times that the album has a cool vitality to it, it sounds energized and I got that feeling when I was recording it. I wanted it to have an organic sound, bigger and thicker, so I went out and bought some 1970s Kustom tuck 'n roll bass amps to play some of the guitar parts through. You'll hear real reverb, real tremolo on this album, which sounds completely different than the stuff that's done with computer chips."

Other than that, as with past efforts, the album's cover (see above) was created by award-winning artist Joe Chiodo, most notable for his work on X-Men Unlimited.

While no tour dates have been revealed, Danzig also notes that a world tour is in the works for this year. In the meantime, enjoy this: