Danny Kroha "Angels Watching over Me" (traditional cover)

Danny Kroha 'Angels Watching over Me' (traditional cover)
Gories member Danny Kroha has gone solo for a new album on Third Man Records, and with Angels Watching over Me coming out tomorrow (January 27), we can now hear another tune ahead of time.

This ramshackle acoustic boogie is a cover of a gospel tune. Kroha's raw reworking, however, sounds more like Lou Reed than anything you'd be likely to hear in church, with junkyard guitar strumming accompanied by tambourine shaking and percussive thwacks.

Hear it below.

Angels Watching over Me was recorded in a vacant house in Detroit. Kroha said in a statement, "I was very reluctant to put this stuff out because there's a ton of rootsy cornballs out there doing this kind of stuff and all of them play guitar way better than me. But I think I have something here that doesn't really sound like anything else."