Danny Brown Designs Questionably Flavoured Charity Pizzas

Danny Brown Designs Questionably Flavoured Charity Pizzas
Being high and hungry can lead to some incredibly questionable decisions, and when it comes to strange stoner snacks, famed weed aficionado Danny Brown's latest creative collaboration really takes the cake — or, more accurately, pie. The rapper has designed a pair of pizzas for charity, and his topping choices are truly outrageous.
Brown has teamed up with Tyvek drummer Matt Z, who also happens to be the chef at Detroit arts venue El Club, to create a couple of custom 'zas to benefit InsideOut Detroit (a non-profit organization that introduces children to poetry and creative writing).
The first pizza has been dubbed "Mystery Meat" and features liver and onions, which may not be the first choice amongst youngsters but could be fathomably palatable nonetheless. Apparently Brown's first choice of liver and gizzards was scrapped after being deemed "not compatible."
The second offering, meanwhile, is going by the festive name of "Easter Bunny," and it pairs a typical sauce and cheese base with chocolate, peanut butter and jelly beans.
If you're daring enough to taste test the creations, they'll be available at El Club throughout the month of April. Check out a not-entirely-appetizing photo of the pies in question up above [via Pitchfork].