Danny Brown "Grown Up" / Nardwuar Interview

Danny Brown 'Grown Up' / Nardwuar Interview
Danny Brown just released a deluxe edition of his XXX mixtape on iTunes last week, but the quirky, high-pitched spitter has a new number for you to grab called "Grown Up." The chill boom-bap number has Brown reminiscing about the good ol' days before exclaiming "Whoever thought I'd be the greatest growin' up."

You can download the track for the price of an email, courtesy of Scion A/V, in the widget at the bottom of the screen.

Down below you'll also find an interview with Brown, decked out in a tassled track suit, conducted by kooky Canadian journo Nardwuar the Human Serviette at last week's SXSW.

On top of the requisite gifts the interviewer bestows on the rapper, this time including Spice 1 and Kid Rock twelve-inches, the Nard poses possibly the finest opening question: "Is it true you like perogies?" Brown's response: "Um, yeah…I kind of like perogies." Check it out.