Dandy Warhols Slam Dig! Five Years After Film's Release, Call it "a Very Dishonest Experience"

Dandy Warhols Slam <i>Dig!</i> Five Years After Film's Release, Call it 'a Very Dishonest Experience'
Though the dramatic, intense and extremely entertaining Dig! documentary was released way back in 2004, it's only now that Dandy Warhols front-man Courtney Taylor-Taylor has spoken out against the film. Following the career trajectory of both the Warhols and their friend/enemies in the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the film was narrated by Taylor-Taylor.

Speaking to the Spinner offices, Taylor-Taylor said, "It's a good thing to have gone away because it was a very dishonest experience... It's not a very true movie. There's a lot of acting and a lot of, 'Well, we don't have a story. Let's make one up.' It's a fantastically compelling movie because it's all about awfulness and on a Jerry Springer level, it really works... I was very uncomfortable during that time because I had to play along and I didn't know what to say in interviews. You can't say, 'Look, it's not true' because it was this big documentary, 'the best rock and roll documentary ever.'"

Warhols drummer Brent "Fathead" DeBoer was also around for the interview, and added his two cents. "[Director Ondi Timoner] has 1,998 hours of footage that nobody saw and she could have taken it and made a really respectful show about two really talented bands working very hard and making great records," he said, adding, "You could follow my mom around for seven years shooting 2,000 hours of footage and make her look like a psycho... Really, she's a lovely fourth grade teacher."

Timoner has yet to respond or defend herself against the claims made by the Dandy Warhols, who may or may not being doing this as one last attempt to hold on to at least a little fame.