Dan Snaith Gets Started on Next Caribou Album

Dan Snaith Gets Started on Next Caribou Album
Caribou's 2010 effort, Swim, was easily one of the most celebrated works in Dan Snaith's career. The album was named Exclaim!'s second favourite electronic album of 2010 and earned the electronic psych whiz a Polaris Music Prize nomination, as well as a Juno nom for, er, New Artist of the Year. While the rest of us are still stunned by his previous work, Snaith recently revealed that he's already busy on the follow-up.

Speaking with BBC 6 Music News, Snaith said that he's cautiously started work on a new album. "There's definitely a sense there's plenty of things to start working on, but there is also the sense that I don't want to make the same album again," he said. As for the sound, the next Caribou record could go in any direction. "My taste in music means that's its unlikely that I will ever make a specific genre album; I'm too much a of a magpie collecting different ideas from all sorts of areas," he said. "But definitely, I'm still very much interested in contemporary dance music and dance music in general. It seems like that's where in music the interesting things are happening at the moment."

 When we can hear the new album is yet to be seen, as Snaith explained, "Making an album somehow mysteriously always seems to take about year. Sometimes I think this one is going really slowly and then there is a year of constant recording getting the release together, so it might be a year-and-a-half from now."

Waiting until mid-2012 for a new Caribou record may not sound too enticing, but Snaith has been prolific with smaller releases as of late. In February, he put out some demos under the new moniker Daphni and announced that a split seven-inch is on the way with Four Tet.

You can hear Snaith's full interview with the BBC below.