Dan Griffin "Bordertown" (video)

Dan Griffin 'Bordertown' (video)
Dan Griffin first came onto the Canadian indie music scene as a member of Arkells, but since leaving the band's regular lineup, he's launched a solo career. His latest effort is an EP called Bordertown, due out on August 27 through his own Ragg Wool Records. He's now shared a video for the title track.

"Bordertown" was inspired Griffin's relocation to Windsor, ON, and is a melancholic folk number with traces of Bruce Springsteen. The black and white video was directed by Maya Bankovic and Nadia Tan, and shows various folks finding fun in Windsor and Detroit, despite the "rundown" surroundings described in the lyrics.

"We wanted to capture real moments of young people living in these cities and finding meaning in their surroundings and in each other," Griffin said in a statement. "'Bordertown' is about the relationship between a state of mind and where we live. It's about the way borders and cities help shape the way we identify ourselves... ultimately it's about redefining yourself on your own terms and finding meaningful connections in the people and places around you."