Dan Deacon Tells Greyhound: "Fuck You With 1000 Fires"

Dan Deacon Tells Greyhound: 'Fuck You With 1000 Fires'
Much like Camel's indie rock bamboozling ad in Rolling Stone, Greyhound Bus Line has done a similar thing in the recent issue of XLR8R. A four-postcard insert appears in the mag featuring images from shows of acts such as WZT Hearts, Ruins, Team Robespierre and Dan Deacon shot in the cities of Brooklyn and Philadelphia. That's fine and all, but once again the ad was booked and printed without any of the artists' permission. As expected, nobody was too pleased about the infringement, especially Deacon, who vented on his MySpace page about his ironic hatred for the company:

"in the december issue of XLR8R magazine there is an ad for greyhound bus service that uses a photo of me at a show did at silent barn, a diy venue in brooklyn. no one asked me if this was ok. no one asked silent barn if it was ok to associate them with the company.

i first heard about it from jason of wzt hearts, who are also used in the ad, also without permission or even the courtesy of letting us know.

greyhound bus company is one of the worst run, bullshit companies i have ever had the misfortune to use. they are a total monopoly and take advantage of that with poor service and price hikes and route cancellation. they have bought all the other smaller companies and run them out of their office in dallas. they treat both their employees and customers like shit. they are a cancer.

since i do not drive i used to use them to get to shows (when nothing else was available). on many occasions i had to cancel shows because the bus would be late, my luggage would get lost/stolen, the over sell their buses, and fuck i fucking hate them.

it really upsets me that i am being used to promote them. if i had my way i would see all their buses transport guns to all the people they have fucked over.

like many evil companies they are trying to use subversive advertising and i will not allow myself to be a cog in their wheel of lies and deceit. these rats stink like rotten cum. fuck them with 1000 fires."

Ooh, harsh and painful. First Camel, now Greyhound - who will be the next unlikely company to assault poor defenseless indie acts? (My money's on those bastards at OshKosh B'Gosh.)