Dan Deacon Splits A Twelve-Inch With Adventure

Dan Deacon Splits A Twelve-Inch With Adventure
Besides the announcement that he'll be touring with a 15-piece ensemble and a solid release date for his Bromst album, Dan Deacon fans have been anxiously awaiting something tangible from the Baltimore sound sculptor. While Bromst's March 24 release date is fast approaching, the waiting will be alleviated by the recently announced split between Deacon and fellow Baltimore musician Adventure.

Offering one album and one exclusive track from each act, the twelve-inch will be out on January 27 via Carpark Records. Dan Deacon offers up Bromst track "Get Older," which is now streaming on Deacon's MySpace page. A press release explains the track's super-positive subject, stating, "The music is more about a celebration than a party. The party's not over, it's just not a drunken rager anymore. It is music to celebrate with, to get excited with. You can still thrash around and dance until you're soaked in sweat but it's not a distraction or escape. It's music written to help motivate and get pumped in both joyous and difficult times." Non-album track "Cave Birth" is described as a "five-channel layer improvisation for feedback and voice."

Adventure's side of the release contains the track "Poison Diamonds" from his self-titled debut, released on Carpark last year, as well as new track "Lifeguard," a slower song featuring vocals for the first time.

Deacon has also revealed the cover art for Bromst, which displays a colourful tent in the middle of a dark forest, a suitable image for the mature, expansive record we've been promised.

Dan Deacon "Crystal Cat"