Dan Deacon Claims New Album Not Actually That "Dark"

Dan Deacon Claims New Album Not Actually That 'Dark'
So apparently the Spiderman of the Rings himself, Dan Deacon, is having reservations about describing his upcoming Bromst album as "dark" and is now out to clarify a few things.

After previous telling Pitchfork that his next record is "a much darker album in tone, and elements of the story have been really weighing down on me," the Baltimore electro wiz reportedly sent out a MySpace bulletin Tuesday (January 6) to shed more light on what he really means.

"Clearly I wasn't trying to say I'm writing the next KMFDM album or something, I was just trying to illustrate that it's not as top heavy for partying and slightly more proportioned towards a wider set of emotions," Pitchfork quotes Deacon's message as saying. "I feel like a lot of media is focusing on that one word - dark - and I would just like to clear that up as it seems to be getting distorted through the feedback loop that is blog culture and digital music press."

"Anyway, my only hope is that people listen to Bromst with an open mind and without any expectations or pre-subscribed mindsets. I hope when you hear it you enjoy it. But if not, that's OK, I'll still know it's awesome. I love you."

The bulletin is not currently up on Deacon's MySpace, but on his page he has given himself the nickname "KMFDAN," so we're going to take Pitchfork's word on this.

To recap, then, Deacon says Bromst is not all that "dark," no matter what he said in previous interviews or if it has this kind of spooky album cover and song titles like "Paddling Ghost" and "Slow With Horns / Run for Your Life." It is, however, still coming out via Carpark on March 24.

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