Dan Bejar Discusses Plans for New Destroyer Album: "I've Still Got Big Dreams"

Dan Bejar Discusses Plans for New Destroyer Album: 'I've Still Got Big Dreams'
Back in 2011, Destroyer released the jazzy soft-rock masterpiece Kaputt. Having subsequently issued the covers EP Five Spanish Songs, Vancouver auteur Dan Bejar has now set his sights on the project's next full-length.

"In 2014, I'm going to try and make a record," he tells Exclaim! "Hopefully I'll have something done by the end of the year."

Destroyer's past releases have covered a wide range of genres, from brash rock to elegant chamber folk to MIDI-based synth music. Bejar isn't yet sure what the next album will sound like, but he does know what it won't sound like; namely, he won't be returning to his acoustic singer-songwriter roots (despite his recent solo tour).

"I have a bunch of songs; I don't think any of their futures lie in that direction," he says. "I'm not terribly interested in recording myself as a guitar player. I've still got big dreams."

He further explains that it's unlikely to be a rock record, saying, "I listen to rock music all the time, I just don't know if that's necessarily my future, if I have a future. I don't know if I'm the best I'm at it."

Once again, Bejar will record at JC/DC studio in Vancouver with producers John Collins and Dave Carswell. He intends to utilize the members of his live band from the Kaputt tour.

"I think those guys will play on the record," he says. "On Kaputt, so much of the tapestry was based on people soloing and weaving it all together. I'm not sure if that will be the rule of the day again. I kind of have dreams of, at least in some songs, [recording] with a proper band in the studio, rather than just piecing it all together like we did on Kaputt. And maybe giving away some of the sleight of hand."

Some other people may be involved too, and he says that he's reached out to various possible collaborators about contributing everything from "string arrangements" to "electroacoustic shit."

Given that the singer intends to spend 2014 holed up in the studio, we probably won't hear anything from Destroyer for some time. Fans can rest assured, however, that new material is on the way.