Damon Albarn Records With 100-Plus Musicians and Some Monkeys For New Album

Damon Albarn Records With 100-Plus Musicians and Some Monkeys For New Album
Blur front-man and sometimes animated character Damon Albarn has leaked word on a new album, and from the sounds of it, he’s embraced the old "bigger is better” approach. The aging Brit popper explained to BBC 6Music that the record will boast more than 100 musicians, including, a full orchestra and, of all things, a Chinese choir.

"I’m finishing off a record at the moment, which should be out quite soon,” Albarn said. "This one’s got about 80 or 90 musicians on it — something in that region. It’s got a 100-piece Chinese choir on one of the tunes, so that plus the orchestra probably goes to about 120, 130 people.”

Albarn was vague as to whether the album will appear under his own name or another new moniker altogether. He also didn’t reveal any details on what the record might be called, or what label would be releasing it. However, he did hint that the album, which may hit as early as July, might have something to do with his recent opera, Monkey: Journey to the West. Also, he told the BBC we should expect a cameo from our friends, the animals.

"There’s a monkey or two in there at least — bit like Gorillaz as well,” he said. "It’s not an opera, it’s a proper record. And it's all in Mandarin, I can tell you that for sure.”

To recap, Damon Albarn’s new yet-to-be-named album will feature the following: more than 100 musicians, a Chinese choir, an orchestra, vocals all in Mandarin, and feature at least two, and perhaps more, monkeys. Sounds about right for a dude that takes tomato bathes.